Business Experience, Editor in Chief: (2015 to Current)

We are an online Sports Publication with quality News, Analysis, and Video in “Fans Perspective”. Our reach includes 150,000+ active Social Media Fans & Followers. We continue to grow at a phenomenal rate.

OnlineNews.US, Chief Technology Officer: (2012 to Current)

The “Internet of Things Economy” has changed the news industry.  We’ve invented a better news delivery system. We distribute quality content to consumers via social media marketing directly to their computer, mobile device, or tablet. We have scale, meaning businesses and political candidates can reach massive amounts of people for a very low price.

Consumers and Voters enjoy reading stories from our popular categories that include; Sports, Lifestyle, Food, Your Health, Pets, Tech, News, Travel, and Spotlight. Check out www.OnlineNews.US for a complete list of our Digital News Websites and Social Media Pages in all 50 States.